Meet the Token sale of the best DeFi & NFT project: TimeCoin (TMCN)

Meet the Token sale of the best DeFi & NFT project: TimeCoin (TMCN)


At the moment, it may be the best time to invest in Timecoin (TMCN) and earn both capital and fixed income. The sale of timecoin's (TMCN) private token began on February 15, 2021 and is being sold at a price 93% lower than the token's current market value.

The Token was launched on November 11, 2020 with the IEO of the BitForex cryptocurrency exchange and had a starting price of $ 0.7. After its release, the price rose to $ 11 and continued its rise. Tmcn's price rose to $ 8,500 on February 18, 2021, almost 12,142 times its initial price. April March 24, 2021 TimeCoin was also listed on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange, April 14, 2021 on the BiKi cryptocurrency exchange, and there may be new listings soon.

The TimeCoinProtocol project was initially funded by several investors who invested $ 4 million, and there was a large supply of tokens on the market.

Now, thanks to the sale of private tokens, these tokens will be sold on OTC (over-the-counter trading) markets. The names behind the project bought most of the tokens available on the market so as not to create a large sales pressure.

In addition, tokens will be traded on other cryptocurrency exchanges later in the day. So far, there have been no public or private sales of Timecoin. Instead, a very small amount of tokens were sold during the IEO.

The private Token sale has a special place to raise funds for the development of the project. ESportStars dApp will be the specific application in which the revenue from the Token sale will be used. Launched in October 2020, the app is projected to grow rapidly. For this growth, the project has many areas to develop, and it is essential that it be part of the NFT ecosystem, especially with DeFi. Defi and NFT integration is of great importance for TimeCoinProtocol and other dapps. Those behind the project also launched the VTuber initiative, and one of the VTuber team, Shirahara Uni, has already made different initiatives. In addition, the project team plans to create an NFT market where VTubers and other content producers can buy and sell NFT-based products.

The project team doesn't want to be limited to the NFT either. The project is expected to gain serious momentum thanks to the above-mentioned NFT trading platform with a DeFi system called Creator Sponsor Staking (CSS). Project participants can increase the amount of TimeCoin they have by 12% by staking on the CSS platform for 6 months. Those who stake for 12 months have a 24% chance of increasing it. Funds raised and raised from stake revenue will be split 50/50 between fans and content producers. Content producers will provide exclusive memberships, exclusive services, NFT-based products, services, and discount coupons in exchange for sponsorship. In other words, the fans will be profitable again in the 50/50 split.

For the sale of new tokens, the project team will sell two more special tokens that will not enter the market. The tokens in question will be used directly for their features for the DeFi and NFT sector and will be functional in the dapps and NFT market. This, in turn, will allow investors to directly support different audiences, such as esports players, publishers, VTubers, with these tokens. This allows both content producers and investors to obtain additional tokens and access items such as in-game items, NFT-based artwork, and anime characters. TMCN investors can directly support content producers, and TMCN can also be used for this.

10,000,000 units of a total of 100,000,000 TMCN tokens will be sold in two special token sales.

April February 15, the first token sale began and will run until April 30, 2021. In this process, 5,000,000 TMCN tokens will be sold at 0.00004 BTC per unit. This means that it is 90% discounted compared to its current market value.

May May 1, 2021, the second token sale will begin and will last until May 31, 2021. In this token sale, 5,000,000 units of TMCN will be sold and the unit price will be 0.00009 BTC. That's 80% below market value.

The total amount of funds intended to be raised was set at $ 20 million.

Users via BTC, USDT or ETH he'll be able to buy from his page. In order to purchase TMCN, it is particularly advisable for a user to prepare a special software wallet such as MetaMask. (Users are not recommended to receive TMCN using a cryptocurrency exchange account.)

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