Digital home from Mars sold for $ 500k

Digital home from Mars sold for $ 500k


The world's first crypto real estate sale took place. Artist Krista Kim's sale of home on Mars has attracted attention in the NFT world.

According to Superrare, which was established as an intermediary for the sale of NFT, the Digital House on Mars, which is the first blockchain-based digital House in the world, was sold for 512 thousand dollars. 3-D files, music made for the home, clips and ‘Metaverse ' were transmitted to the receiver in Toronto. The metaverse, where users can interact with other users with an avatar in the virtual world; is a collective virtual sharing space. With increasing interest in NFT, the metaverse is also gaining value every day.

Krista Kim, the artist who created Mars house, also worked with Jeff Schroeder of the band Smashing Pumpkins for the music. The house on Mars appears to be almost entirely made of glass.

The artist says he was inspired by quarantine when he built the digital home. A shared press release on the matter states that Kim discovered meditative design during the quarantine and entered the NFT world.

While the home is currently only available in blokchain, it can also be transferred to real life by glass furniture manufacturers in Italy or through LED displays, according to the press release.

The NFT sale has been attracting worldwide attention in recent months. Finally, the sale of a crypto artifact owned by Beeple for $ 70 million, the sale of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet for $ 2.9 million are just some of the signs that the NFT world is promising…


Janine Yorio, president of real estate group Republic, also says NFT real estate could be the future of home buying. “I anticipate that virtual real estate will see value faster than real-world real estate,” said Yorio, who showed how NFTS have grown in value in recent months at CoinDesk.

According to cryptoslam, NFT sales have generated more than $ 1 billion in revenue in the past 30 days, while virtual real estate sites such as Decentraland have continued to grow rapidly in recent months. The site's internal currency,” MANA, " has a market capitalization of $ 225 million. MANA prices rose more than 321% last year, according to Yorio.

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